“The sky above us grew bigger in the silence and the clouds were piling up and spilling over each other, coloured by the sinking sun in layers of grey-pink, grey-purple and grey-yellow. One cloud was delineated with a bright silver line, as if it was just failing to cover the glimmering surface of a vast mirror.”

Threads-The delicate Life of John Craske. Julia Blackburn.

From the Olive and George collection, drawing inspiration from the Norfolk Fishermen’s Gansey jumpers of the 19th and early 20th centuries, Kite is a nautically striped, knitted scarf.

It takes its name from Walter “Kite” Rix, a Cromer fisherman and lifeboatman, who was part of a large fishing family. Most fishermen were also lifeboatmen in these close-knit costal communities because they knew the tides and where the sand banks and mud flats lay.

This generous scarf is knitted to order in my Warwickshire studio from certified British wool. I’ve chosen an open knit with minimal washing for this piece to bring out the clean worsted spinning in the wool, so that it is light and airy for the spring/summer.

Like a kite, the scarf sailed and bobbed in the breeze as we were photographing it on Ella in Cromer earlier this spring.


The Kite striped scarf is knitted to order in my Warwickshire studio from certified British wool and washed and air dried by hand in 100% natural wool washing detergent (made in Norfolk).

It measures approximately 266cm long x 35cm wide so it can be worn wrapped round and round for a snuggly fit or long for a more dapper effect!




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