125 Mile Promise 🐑

125 mile promise on our UK made products plus an award ceremony to recognize our achievements!

I’m really excited to tell you that the Charl 125 mile promise is here! I’ve been working on some new labels to clearly mark our British made knitwear which has a carbon footprint of under 125 miles from fleece to finished knit!

From now onwards, when you buy a Craske, Harrison, Charlie scarf or our knitted accessories they will have a little sheep label sewn into the outside seam to let you know that they have been made within a 125-mile radius from where the fleece is collected at the British wool depot in Bradford, to when the garment is finished in our factory in Nottinghamshire.

  • Fleeces are collected and graded at the British Wool Depot, Bradford
  • Cleaned and scoured at our Scourers, Bradford
  • Dyed in Huddersfield
  • Spun into yarn at Laxtons mill, Baildon
  • Knitted into garments at Corah Textiles, Nottinghamshire

From the moment I founded Charl in 2019, it was key to source homegrown wool because British wool has always been desperately under-utilized. All of the wool used in the collection comes from certified British flocks which is processed into yarn within a 50 mile radius with approximately half of the collection knitted in Italy and the rest in Nottinghamshire, England. Together with my knitters, spinners and dye house, we have managed to create knitwear that feels soft, bouncy and luxurious, dispelling the belief that British wool is coarse and scratchy, which until now has been the biggest drawback of using this fibre.

In recognition of this achievement, I am really happy to announce that Charl Knitwear has been selected as a finalist in the Drapers Sustainable Fashion Awards for 2023 which take place in London later this month!