April Newsletter

Spring blossom

Well, it’s April and we’ve already had a mini heatwave! But today it looks like the traditional April showers that we’ve come to expect from this month are back!

It’s a funny in-between month – we are all so ready to pack away the dark winter clothes and dig out the lighter, airier spring versions, but it’s still a little bit early. It does pay to have an “in-between” rail of clothes for just now so that you can be ready for the sun, but not get caught out if the weather turns. A cardigan is essential, and our Codling and Rook versions are perfect to wear over pretty spring blouses – even those puffy sleeved ones that are usually so awkward to tuck inside sleeves.

Behind the scenes, I feel a bit like a gardener, busily sowing the seeds of new designs and waiting for them to pop up! I’m working on some new spring shapes and colours including some fun stripes that recall the Edwardian seaside era – more of this to come…

This month, here at Charl Knitwear we’re still happily collaborating with Wardrobe Icons on our Icons Exclusive Chibbles nautically striped knit (WardrobeIcons) which is the perfect piece for a British weekend getaway!
We are also joining the new all British Brand online department store which went live today! BritYard

Back to this weekend, I hope you’ve got something fun planned? – whatever the weather? Mine is bound to involve chocolate and egg hunts in our new (very wild) garden! I’m gradually building up to getting some chickens – we’ve inherited a hen house from the previous owner so there’s no excuses, and I love the idea of collecting up real eggs! It reminds me of one of my favourite childhood poems.

The Little Black Hen

“The Little Black Hen said,
“What will you pay,
If I lay you an egg
For Easter Day?…
I’ll show you the nettle-place
On my leg,
If you’ll lay me a great big
Eastery egg.”

A.A. Milne The Christopher Robin Verse Book.
Egg cosies are available to buy as a pair or as part of the “Breakfast in bed” tea set

Happy Easter! x