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Wool Week 2020

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Welcome to Wool Week which runs from 5th – 18th October 2020, an event organized by Campaign for Wool which promotes products made from 100% wool across the world. In addition, British Wool are currently running a series of promotions on their Social Media pages with discount codes from 9 brands including Charl Knitwear so head over to the British Wool events page to take advantage of the offers during the event!

Before selecting British wool for my collection, I didn’t know much about its benefits, other than it was a natural fibre. But as I researched into issues like sustainability and traceability, I found out so much more. Increasingly, when I’m buying clothes, food and products more generally for myself and my family, I’m trying to make choices that are better for us as individuals but also for the environment, as I’m sure you are too.

image courtesy of British Wool

I’ve put together a short list so you can see the benefits of choosing wool, I hope you find it useful and I’d love to hear your feedback:

  • Ecological because it is made from 100% natural fibres
  • Safe – it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals or emit harmful particles into the environment
  • Renewable, it can be recycled into new material
  • Biodegradable, once it has been disposed of, it naturally degrades enriching the soil or ocean with valuable nitrogen rich nutrients
  • Durable, woollen yarn lasts a long time and the garments keep their shape and handle
  • Naturally odour resistant and anti-bacterial
  • Naturally regulates body temperature
  • Certified British wool is traceable back to the fleeces it comes from and the wool in my collection is spun from Yorkshire wool that travels less than 50 miles to the mill.

From a personal perspective, when I was selecting the yarns for my collection, I wanted to ensure each one had a unique property that enriched the range. I chose British wool because I loved the gentle melange colours, the thickness of the wool – which is not too fine, but thick enough to create some really three dimensional stitches and because British wool is unique to the UK; it has a rich cultural heritage from the past thousand years, and it doesn’t need to be shipped half way around the world to get here!

Spinning the Sheepsoft wool used in my collection

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