Coastal Walks Garment Refresher


I’ve been using the Norfolk Natural Living products myself for some time now and was thrilled to discover that I could sell them directly to you through my on-line shop.  They are a natural pairing with my knitwear –  hand made and bottled in Norfolk using local ingredients. This Linen and Garment Refreshing Spritz in Coastal Walks is my absolute favourite and I spritz it on every order whilst I steam it and check it over before sending out to you.

Smell is an incredibly powerful sense, capable of bringing back memories from long ago. The minute I smelt the Coastal Walks fragrance, I was back in the Norfolk of my childhood, in the salt marshes with the  scent of the sea lavender, marsh mallow and sea purslane.

This spritz has been handmade on the Norfolk coast and inspired by the freshness of the English countryside, the natural formula has antibacterial properties, designed to neutralise odours when gently misted over garments or bedding between washes.

The refresher is safe to use on all water safe fabrics and even curtains and upholstery.




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Norfolk Natural Living was borne from the idea of bringing beauty into our everyday rituals. This slow-luxury home care and wellbeing brand was created by trained aromatherapist, Bella Middleton, who has always been fascinated with the benefits plants can have on our wellbeing. Nature and craftsmanship are at the core of Norfolk Natural Living, as they are of Charl Knitwear.

Every formulation is bottled by hand and only natural ingredients are used to formulate this therapeutic blend, designed to improve your wellbeing.

Use this garment refresher to spriz over your knitwear in between washes and after every wear. Turn your garment inside out, hang on a hanger on the door of your wardrobe, in the bathroom or better still, outside, and spritz. Wool, alpaca and cashmere don’t need to be washed nearly as often as you would expect, and by doing this, you are prolonging the life of your knits and reducing water consumption.


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